Went to see Dr. Strange 2. It's grand. There were a lot of, "okay, I get it. Sam Raimi directed this film" moments and it didn't make the movie better.

Bad golfers are the worst to go drinking with. They keep dropping shots.

11 years ago I was in New York. I arrived in that day to meet a girl I was seeing at the time. Came across a charity football match. Met Ethan Hawke, John McEnroe and former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. I only got a picture with Anderson. Really nice man.

I gotta say, this main event is not good. Bader doing what he does, but Kongo making it look very, very easy

Oh, btw, this is my Beethoven.
He went to classes and is a certified Good Boy.

11 years since I had mashed potato and broccoli pizza in New Haven. Would recommend.

Anyone else have issues uploading images through Tusky?

I just don't think that Picard Season 2 is any good. Like at all.
The first season was okay, but it really doesn't feel like the character from TNG.

The most popular tweet that I ever made across 12 years on twitter was "I love the Modh Coiniollach....unconditionally".

Looking forward to bringing that level of quality over here to Mastodon.

Man, I love The Chase as a quiz show.
But I'd be mad if I were on it and someone went for a negative amount.

Hi! How's it going?

I'm Eoghan.
I'm a small-time, part-time musician.
Galway now, but Limerick forever.
Fan of sci-fi and high fantasy - Started DMing a campaign during the pandemic. Running 2+ years.

Still getting to grips with Mastodon and what I can and can't do, but intrigued for sure.
Feel free to connect and DM and the like.