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The #Russians in #Ukraine be like:

"Ok, so we are here super duper mega illegally, we cannot control the sky. We cannot control the waters. We are getting driven back more and more.

Let's just fire missiles at cities."

The war in Ukraine must be one of the most saddest and biggest fails of the 21th century

I think it's weird to 'own' another life like in a pet so I call people who have pets guardians :blobcatgiggle:

Sounds a lot better

Took the ebikes to get lunch, then a couple antique and vintage furniture shops and made a final stop at the plant nursery. We found lots of stuff we wanted but came home with some native plants that were on clearance.

Anyone here running a with on a ?

I’m looking at setting one up soon.
Seems like a solid straight forward setup.

Should not-for-profits use Facebook, Google, etc. Or are there better alternatives for social good organisations?

I spoke with @nonprofits recently about this, the fediverse, small web, and more.

Listen in at:

#nonProfit #notForProfit #socialGood #bigTech #smallTech #tech #fediverse #smallWeb #surveillanceCapitalism #peopleFarming #podcast #audio

There are lots of livestreamers on the Fediverse now, thanks to the @owncast platform and @peertube adding livestream support too.

Here are some good ones you might want to follow:





If you follow an account, you'll see when it goes live on your Fediverse timeline.

Also check out OwnCast's directory at

#LiveStreaming #Fediverse

Looks like I might need to use a reverse VPN on a VPS to keep my IP static for access outside the home network.

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Does anyone have and thoughts on the best way to install or other software if you have the options:
- Directly via CLI
- /

I feel like Docker is the most self contained, and YunoHost would be next for ease of setup, and lastly CLI.

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Actually I just found a FLOSS app called JellyFin (a FLOSS fork of Emby) that you can easily install using YunoHost or Portainer.

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So the Pi 4 can handle 4 simultaneous 1080p streams.

But not 4k.

It's so inexpensive I'm thinking I might just go for it.

Setup YunoHost and Portainer as well and I'm good to go with a whole host of applications.

Borg backups to ensure I can revert to previous server states.

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Currently I just have the server running on my Laptop.

I would like to have a little server ideally.

Apparently the Pi 4 can't handle trans-coding on the fly (if you want to stream a lower quality bit-rate to your mobile phone while on the go for example.

Need to do some more investigating...

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Just started using Plex on my TV, what a game changer.

Makes it so much easier to get access to your content.

Beautiful UI, Meta Data added & content organized automatically, so many ways to search for content.

Plus you can view it on all your mobile devices, and share it with family.

No more plugging the laptop into the TV, or manually copying over to a USB stick.

Hi, I'm Justin! I'm a solo developer pursuing my dream of creating a fun, easy-to-learn game engine. My hope is that it will allow anyone to bring a story or idea to life regardless of skill level or age!
#screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames

Who knew you could run a #Mastodon server with @yunohost on a $10 Digital Ocean droplet? It runs smooth as butter and so much easier than installing it manually.

Oh nooooo DuckDUckGo is doing shady things and lets Microsoft track you via their Ad shooocked!…

I kept on saying to people that DDG is a potential risk simply because it engages into TRADES. They wanted you, the user, to click their ads. And all of the "but hey we don't track you at least..." was of course a marketing strategy. Selling their search engine to these "privacy oriented" folks. Privacy-washing. Even tho I was not aware of this practice I was kinda sure they will eventually fuck things up, simply because whenever you engage into trades, sooner or later you will fuck things up.

So yeah, it seems this theory of trade, it being the originator of most problems, still holds very much true. I do not trust any trade-based service. Period. #tromlive
It is not good that people think torrenting is old school and not practice it anymore. It is the greatest way of sharing content or streaming it. People nowadays prefer to watch whatever on some fucked up websites full of ads, just because they can click that play button. But torrenting is also super easy and allows us to keep these files available in this p2p fashion. And no ads and no BS.

In TROMjaro for example we ship with Webtorrent and if you click any magnet link it opens with it and you can play it in seconds. We plan to integrate into TROMjaro in the next months. So that you have access to thousands of documentaries and courses from a webapp. Click and watch.

If you use our SearX instance and replace your pesky search engine like google, ddg, and such, that are milking your data and attention, then you can easily find torrents in the files section.

I hear Elon Musk has announced his intention to vote Republican. (Surprise, surprise.) Trump 2.0… coming soon.

#billionaire #douchebags

Lighting presets will now also store the map's background color so you can have it change along with the lighting! 🌞➡️🌚
#screenshotsaturday #voxel #gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #rpginabox

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