Top 10 Apps sorted by Active Users:

1. 🐘 1,121,470
2. πŸ™ 105,880
3. 🌼 30,977
4. 🐼 28,828
5. 🦊 16,116
6. 🐰 7,299
7. πŸƒ 2,077
8. 🐨 2,037
9. 🐳 1,946
10. πŸ‘§ No-Data

Β· Β· Web Β· 7 Β· 17 Β· 41

is not on the website which is why it's not listed in my top 10.

But the main site currently has 1,675 active users.

I summed up all the active users across just the 9 instances listed, result: 1,822 active users.

πŸ’¬ 🐰
A Decentralized

- Can interact with all of the
- Can follow corporate social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Similar to

Top general purpose English speaking instances: 281 users 268 users

This is just 10 apps listed on the front page of btw.

They do seem to have the largest communities judging by quickly scanning the other apps out there not on the list.

@humanetech sorry that’s what I meant, not on the front page.

@deightonrobbie thanks, but this is where I sourced the data and they don’t have active users, like the other 9 apps on the homepage.

Where does the data come from? Also, how can Misskey make it to the top 10 without data? πŸ˜€ Where are WriteFreely, Lemmy, Plume, Mobilizon and probably many others?

@liwott it’s just the 10 apps from

MissKey is higher in terms of population however. It’s just missing the active users data.


it’s just the 10 apps from

Thanks for the clarification ! So I guess we agree this is not a top 10 by active users, but rather a ranking by active users of the ones who are showcased on the frontpage of

MissKey is higher in terms of population however.

It is not

@liwott correct.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought home page had the top 10 listed.

MissKey is not number 10 I mean, I would imagine it’s active users would push it higher since it ranks higher on the population list for the 10 homepage apps.

@Ombra Oh boy - #Fediverse isn't a challenge - such numbers have no meaning. We are not int Twitter - it seems very difficult to understand.

@Hiker I didn't mean it to seem like a challenge, sorry if it was taken that way.

I was using it more of a way to figure out what other Fediverse apps would be good to look into next.

As there are a bunch that seem like they are being maintained or used much at all.

I would love to try all these top 10 out some day!

@Ombra The mix of apps for different services (micro blogging, pictures, video, text etc) in one list makes no sense imho.

@Hiker has these spread on a map, if you click into each you see the user numbers.

I translated it into an easy to consume list.

It shows off how many other apps there are outside of Mastodon in the Fediverse.

I found it insightful, and it excited me to set up accounts elsewhere, I hope it does the same for others.

Fair enough if you don't think it makes sense but I do. Each to their own.

@thomaskujawa Tusky for Mastodon on Android yea.

I use on iOS, it's amazing.

Ist in meinem Repo. Bei F-Droid gibt es damit noch Build-Probleme, wird aber dran gearbeitet. Tusky ist aber eine gute Wahl πŸ˜‹

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