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"I had to tell 'em you were armed with all you needed..."

"Little Dreamer (2015 Remaster)" by Van Halen on @TIDAL tidal.com/browse/track/4372554

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The cascading nature of the worst fucking news you’ve ever heard on top of the worst fucking news you’ve ever heard for years on end

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I struggle for words to describe how truly appalling the US is

A systematically racist and sexist Christian extremist imperialist state that absolutely worships guns — despite the fact that this doesn’t reflect the position of the majority of the electorate, who are held hostage twitter.com/cnnbrk/status/1540

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🔴 REVEALED: Train companies paid out nearly £800m to shareholders last year before telling rail unions that employees must take a real-terms pay cut for them to stay afloat bit.ly/3zZ9Yug

Sometimes, heroes don't wear capes...
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Mick Lynch of the RMT says funding cuts made by a "government of billionaires" are to blame for rail strikes - accusing ministers of 'telling everyone else they've got to tighten their belts while they're raking it in'.

Live: trib.al/HNsrEac

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Fences always end. The wild always wins. This is a lesson to learn early and remember always. Only fools and those governed by a blinding greed cannot see this truth. - Old Cunning Ash

Conservative governments in the UK.
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What scam has become so normalized that people don't even notice it? 💭

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