Good call by the EU even though I do like the magnetic connector I had on my old macbook. But I guess Apple's licensing fee for using it as the standard was astronomical.

Good win for Leinster. Hard to understand why Munster were pushing for the bonus point in the last few minutes when it would have sent them to South Africa for a QF.

Why did nobody tell me the original Law and Order was back with Jack McCoy?

Been really feeling the urge to play Kerbal Space Program again. Probably been about 5 years since I last messed around with rockets, maneuver nodes, Hohmann transfers, and deltaV calculations. Pure nerd heaven.

I see that U2 turned up in a Kyiv metro station. Haven't the people of Ukraine suffered enough already?

Time to settle in for the undercard from Lansdowne Road before the main event from Welford Road. Cmon Munster and Leinster!

How many more marches, protests and demonstrations do we have to hold before they get the message? No religious involvement in maternity (or any other to be honest) healthcare. Time to contact my TDs again.

Time to start the mastodon journey and find who else has already made the jump.

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