Apparently since I was child I have had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, nice to find out at 57, explains a lot of the last 50 years

It's better to train your dog when you're drunk because then you're both on the same level

Books!? I've just finished rereading the Hydrogen Sonata and now I'm stuck

I just had a thought lambda has basically taught itself to program people

I'm still a little concerned how I managed to live this particular life

apparently my avatar is Mick Lynchs political hereo yay me

@Sharr0w apologies if you think I'm replying too much, its just that you'rs is the first thing i see when I login (as a newbie feeling his way), hope thats ok, i can see ur a busy person

@Sharr0w my youngest, a 25 year old daughter is now a dnd fiend

my life and the world i live in is driving me mad

#OtD 19 Jun 1865 during the US civil war Union Gen Granger proclaimed in Texas that enslaved people were free. Many of the enslaved began to desert their plantations. They later decided to celebrate Juneteenth on its anniversary each year. Learn more:

my new acronym MELBA for my political philosophy is not taking off as i hoped

nobody wants to buy my laptop, how am i going to buy weed this month!?

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