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Hello all 👋
Am a self-employed consultant of 7+ years via

I regularly enjoy live sports/music (likely to post about), I code & and am unafraid of low-level / reverse engineering, builder, breaker, cocktail shaker. Lefty af ☭. An aspiring cyberterrorist armchair general on main

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Instead of spending another 6 hours racing for the points I'd rather sleep and enjoy my weekend, will try again next month heh

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Bailed early on my first attempt of OSED certification, got 1 of 3 exam challenges but it was hard goin, content really does needs to be fresh in mind, more practice and some automation and I reckon its achievable.

So much heft on shellcoding and ROP chains 🤩

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I've been writing ROP chains for 13+ hours in an exam environment...

Celebrity Deathmatch should be relaunched, with tech industry figures

Fuck airbnb rant 

Is airbnb just a way people wash the proceeds of crime? The amount of places going and the fuckin' mental high prices, mother of fuck.

Imagine spending 1k to spend a night in a gaf in the middle of nowhere in Kilkenny or a few hundred for a night in a dodgy townhouse in Dublin

Heard stories of people renting gafs and then airbnb'n them, easily make the rent + some each month, gaf sitting empty most the time, a complete utter fucking disgrace.

Fuck all gafs for rent...

i can tell it’s monday because i woke up then just immediately started screaming

I said this out lout to my mates and got ridiculed about shit wordplay for 4 hours, sound.

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Tonight I shall be findin' a round and fuckin' out

Pretty sure last night we pretended to be residents in a hotel to get another round in...

Don’t make the same mistakes over again. Make new, exciting mistakes. Fuck things up in ways no one even thought possible

A rough visualization of registered satellites in Earth’s orbit

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