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CIRCA Art Magazine is an independent, artist- and writer-led online art publication. CIRCA takes art production as a dynamic point of engagement: we invite proposals for text and hybrid-media contributions that think with and through art, artworks and art practices, rather than simply about them. CIRCA’s geographical focus is the island of Ireland.

Circa 131 2010
The 'last issue' of Circa – but a huge amount has been published by Circa online since then – was itself purely online, and in two parts. The theme was Criticism and Critique.

Circa 130 Winter 2009
Jessica Foley on sounds: "…a cultivation of listening might be a way towards a cultivation of thinking…"
Justin McKeown on "an intense period of political and cultural reflection" in NI

Circa 130 Winter 2009
Because the printed magazine was black-and-white, to save costs, there was an online colour supplement with lots more images relating to the texts

Circa 130 Winter 2009
Reviews by D Hughes, D Long, G Tipton, D Brancaleone, U Burke, C Martin, M Casey, H Murray, J Foley, L Verling, P O'Brien, D Trigg, P FitzGerald, B Kennedy, S McBride

Circa 129 Autumn 2009
Degree Show picks, and reviews by om lekha, David Brett, Tim Stott, Michelle Browne, Hilary Murray, Matt Packer, Rosa Lleó, Bryonie Reid, Cecilia Canzioni, Ilaria Gianni, Aoife Rosenmeyer

Circa 129 Autumn 2009
Curatorial collective IM projects (Yannis Arvanitis, Ilaria Gianni, Nazli Gurlek, Isobel Harbison, Rosa Lleó, Gaia Tedone) take over editing the features section

Circa 128 Summer 2009
David Hughes previews Susan MacWilliam, representing NI (curated by Karen Downey) and Sarah Browne / Gareth Kennedy / Kennedy Browne, RoI (curated by Caoimhín Corrigan), at 2009 Venice Biennale

Circa 127 Spring 2009
Reviews by V Claffey J McKeown S Sverakova S Baume D Maguire I Harbison J Humphries B Knezevic M Blount M Brown A Lawless J Gayer S Kissane C Clarke G Tipton K Normoyle-Haugh A Rosenmeyer

Circa 127 Spring 2009
Michäele Cutaya on art in a rural environment
"If there is a case for a rural context it is not to set it apart, nor to enter it into a binary opposition with the city and still less as a projected other…"

Circa 124 Summer 2008
Jessica Foley, at Malachi Farrell's installation in St John's Castle, covers ev+a 2008 through conversation with invigilator Elva Carri
"…yeah, cos I think they are supposed to be irritating"

Circa 124 Summer 2008
Isobel Harbison & Ilaria Gianni w Claire Fontain and Canell & Watkins on collaborative art
Niall de Buitléar & Karen Normoyle-Haugh on paired shows in Belfast & Limerick

Circa 124 Summer 2008
Chris Fite-Wassilak examines a lo-fi sci-fi from Bea McMahon, Karl Burke, Nina Canell, David Beattie, Dennis McNulty and others "collapsing the difference between the everyday and the outlandish"

Circa 123 Spring 2008
Jessica Foley goes in search of the meaning of 'form', with the help of Plato, Guattari, Susan Kelly, Sarah Browne, Gareth Kennedy, Sinéad McCann, Naomi Sex, Dave Layde and others

Circa 121 Autumn 2007
Writers pick their favourite artists from some of 2007's degree shows around the island

CIRCA is calling for a project editor to propose new, exciting ways to engage with the CIRCA archive.
Send us your proposals to by Friday 24 June.

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