Some nice greyline propagation there. Pulling in signals from South America easily tonight.

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They could probably just shut down internet infrastructure tho

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Legit interested in seeing the US government shut down twitter because it would lead to trying and probably failing to shut down mastodon

Got my station set up yesterday, using an inverted-V dipole for 20m in the attic. This will do me until the lockdown is over and I can get back onto 40m.

I'm impressed with the Xiegu G90 CW decoder. Here it is pulling in HA1ZY.

Playing with some ADS-B reception on an RTL-SDR receiver. Couple of flights over Dublin I managed to catch.

VHF radio contest tomorrow between 1pm and 3pm UTC! For FT8 and FM voice on 2 metres.

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vhf-aurora Northern Hemi is now MID LAT AUR 😍 

vhf-aurora Northern Hemi - MID LAT AUR 😍
E-Skip Europe - Band Closed
E-Skip North America - Band Closed
E-Skip Europe 6m - Band Closed
E-Skip Europe 4m - Band Closed

On May 4 there will be a "VHF Lockdown" radio contest for voice and FT8! This is for contacts to, from, and within EI and GI. A bit of fun to get people on the air from their homes during the lockdown 😀

Check out:

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I have a project that has been on my mind for ages. It started as a parody of dropbox when I bought the domain

The idea was that people could sign up and get 1.44MB of webspace to do with what they wanted; even going so far as to mounting that storage so it appeared as a floppy drive on their computer.

I purchased the domain on a whim over a year ago and while I haven't had time to work on the project itself. I have thought about its concept.

I think it would work nicely as an website based digital art project.

Given the space constraint of 1.44MB it would be interesting to see how that challenege shapes how people develop their content.

It would be fascinating to see if any static generated magazine style websites popped up had a similar low digital cost and aethetic to the solar powered LOW←TECH MAGAZINE.
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Just discovered that keying my FM transceiver turns on my touch lamp...

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This is something I wanted to see for a long time, a massive church organ connected to a midi controller:

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Venus and the Pleiades in April

Digital Illustration Credit & Copyright: Fred Espenak (Bifrost Astronomical Observatory) #APoD

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Crystal radio built! Needs a couple of tweaks before I can call it a success, but so far so good.

Measured the inductor I made last night, which has an inductance of 0.24mH. Coupled with the variable capacitor which has a capacitance range of about 30-420pF, this will allow me to tune from 500kHz to about 1800kHz, easily converting the entire medium wave band.

Winding an inductor for one of these variable capacitors. Combined, they'll form a tuned circuit that will resonate at a radio frequency which can be adjusted by turning the knob on the capacitor. I'll block out part of that radio signal by adding a diode: this will allow only the positive part of the electrical current through. Then, I'll connect the diode to an earphone. Finally, I'll attach an antenna and a grounding connection to the tuned circuit and, lo and behold, I'll have a radio.

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