@dregin Ah grand yeah! Must have about a million Mastodon accounts at this stage but sure look!

@conor Aye, I'm on my 5th, I think. This is the last one... Probably. Shutting down the other instances I'm running soon.

@conor Won't lie though - really looking forward to the main topic of conversation on mastodon no longer being mastodon 🤣

@dregin Huzzah! And are you doing it publicly? Like if I started telling people to join is that cool or wha

@conor Tis. Was that dodgy SSL cert you flagged before on here or elsewhere?

@dregin Just did a quick check. It was here I think. Looks like your cert is only for mastodon.ie and not www.mastodon.ie


@dregin And also, depending on how the app is configured, you might then need to redirect www to the apex to ensure base URLs are all hunky dory

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