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Sometimes happiness lies in clicking “Close All Tabs”

Patents hamper innovation and penalize poorer countries. Future generations are going to look back and wonder WTF were we thinking.

Friends don’t let friends (or family) use Facebook.

My updated rules for adding RSS feeds:
No feeds that force you to open a browser to see the full article.
No feeds on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, …

WooHoo. DTK money (promo) back in my account. Now I just need something shiny to buy.

PSA: If you’re wondering how to erase a DTK:
1. Log out of iCloud (including disabling Find My Mac)
2. Shut down the DTK, then press and hold the power button until a boot screen appears
3. Pick the gear option, select Disk Utility, proceed as normal.

Weekend project: a website for my wife’s craft business:

My biggest frustration as an Apple developer: merging pbxproj files.

The thing about a witch-hunt is, it’s actually a pretty good way to get rid of witches.

It’s an easy mistake to make. They meant to go to Capital Building Total Landscaping.

In our house, today is the traditional did-we-throw-out-the-instructions-with-the-wrapping-paper day.

Good morning America. We’re all rooting for you!

Is this new? If so, I guess it’s a step in the right direction.

A better solution would be for developer tools to provide merge UI for any custom file formats (pbxproj, xib, storyboard, …).

I guess this means we don’t need to stock up on sweets for halloween.

It seems like with every release of Xcode I need to completely learn how to use it. I mean, tabs aren’t exactly a new thing, even in Xcode, but my brain doesn’t know what to do with them.

For anyone interested in Linguan (, or Tokens (, both are 50% off for a Black Friday sale…

I’d be prepared to broker a deal for one of the Aran islands… it has the same climate as Greenland. DMs are open. (Small handling fee might apply)

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