What a win for Connacht against Montpellier! Montpellier's salary budget is probably at least 4 times that of Connacht. Savage.

I've disabled the relays while sidekiq works it's way through a queue of ~45k jobs. That's been growing over the last week or so, since I hadn't updated the backup and media cache clean cronjobs to take the mount point of the new storage into account, so / filled up.

I'll re-enable the relays once the sidekiq backlogs have cleared.

OK, I've invested in a 150GB volume, going up from the single 50GB I've been squeezing the life out of since launching this instance.

This should significantly improve the stability of the instance.

Looking forward to December off. Lots of Christmas stuff being planned.

Hey @Gargron will there be a blog for mastodon 3.0? I prefer to tweet about upgrades linking to that instead of the changelog as the changelog is information overload for people who don't know what mastodon is and I feel a blog with highlights from the new version is more likely to get them on board. Thanks!

Going to upgrade mastodon.ie to mastodon 3.0 now.

An auld whiskey and Lankum spinning. Grand.

You know you're getting old when you exploit cheap sterling by buying 4 litres of mouthwash from amazon.co.uk.

94p for a euro? Hello Amazon.co.uk Cheers Boris!

Aha! was the EU's fault all along! The crazies are even crazier than I thought! They're also not crazy in the slightest. They're manipulative arseholes.


Watch "Lankum at OTO London 29.5.2019 Encore" on YouTube

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Fierce fed up with the sticky mess this weather is making of me.

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