@colon_three I'm down to 3 "nice" ones. 2 Kinnegar from Donegal aaannnddd one Larkins from... Wicklow?
Then it's on to the slab of guinness. YEOW!

@dregin dumbarton based brews for me! got a few alloa ones as well but this one was a cracker

slab o' vitamin t and gin when i'm done with those

@dregin no really! lidls just have a decent selection of scottish stuff here now, as it turns out

they also had bread flour, which i've been after for nigh on three bloody weeks now

@colon_three There's a wholesaler here just gone full throttle on the "straight to the public" sales - we got 60KG of flour for about 40 quid. Hopefully won't go off before it's used!

@dregin i just needed the one bag! ofc i forgot to look for yeast, but thats tomorrow's problem, got everything else to see me through the next week

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