@mastohost Hey, my hosting provider is killing off the server type I use to host my mastodon instance and I'm interested in migrating to

Is migration of a current instance to your service possible?


@mastohost @davey_cakes @conor You guys are the last to post on here - what do yiz think?

It'd take a lot of the overhead off my plate and I don't have as much time for side project as I did.

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@dregin Hello, sure no problem. We just need to plan so we do it on a moment we are both online to avoid downtime.

I can send the instructions on what I need or if you want, you can give me access to the server and I handle the migration.

Any questions let me know.

@mastohost Cool. I need to get some discussion going on the migration with users before committing to anything.

I'll let you know.

Thanks again.

@dregin sounds good, if you decide to migrate or if I can help with something feel free to reach out.

@mastohost Hey, I'd like to go ahead with the migration some time this weekend, if that's doable?

@dregin hello, tomorrow I can do it. Sunday will be impossible. Does that work for you? If yes, what time?

@dregin @mastohost @conor looks reasonable enough, could set up some sort of Patreon-type thing to allow people to pay subs if they want to.

@dregin If you want me to run any of the move, let me know

@davey_cakes Cheers, but I think I'll just give them access to do it for me. Am I mad?

@dregin nah, expert help sounds good, assuming they hand over the keys after

@davey_cakes @mastohost @conor I'm not that comfortable taking money off people. If the instance explodes in membership numbers, I'll reconsider. If someone wants to get me a post-covid pint, I'll totally not say no :D

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