Anyone know of an project to interconnect retail websites? Something to challenge Amazon with a web of shops. Not even sure that makes sense with ActivityPub.

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@dregin sure makes sense. I have future plans along those lines, but they are far off still.

Maybe the direction of #openengiadina will include this at shorter notice.

@dregin @theruran I don’t but having federated search and orders certainly would

no, it doesnt makes alot of sense atm, until AP can facilitate payments, which involves a whole lot more pain progress than already done till this point.

the closest bet is for Shopify to adopt AP as customer-chat and notification system

@dym I would have thought payments would be handled completely separately.

I'm more thinking of sharing shop and item information between vendors, allowing for well populated categories of items to be searchable from anywhere in the fediverse.

@dregin #activitypub is not meant for this and cannot be used to implement product listing and sale without inventing a new protocol.

@federico3 I'm not interested in the sales part, but product listings should be doable in the way videos are tagged and displayed on an instance's landing and search pages.

@dregin if you're willing to go the extra distance for #BlockChain, #P2P and #CryptoCurrency, there's #OpenBazaar. it's still in it's infancy or taking baby-steps, but I guess it is worth looking at.

hosted store :
project information and downloads website

@dregin No, it does make sense with ActivityPub. There’s already an advertisement/search system via #hashtags so you’d just have to generalize that to include price ranges, bids, and satisfaction ratings. And maybe other physical characteristics of specific products.

Actually #Amazon has to deliberately sabatoge such searches, or customers would always search for the best stuff at lowest price every time, so ActivityPub would be even better!

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