@dregin @Iblewin is it possible to set up new members with 10 'follow' accounts? That's something @jaz implemented for toot.wales, and it's probably helpful in giving the new user some content to get started with 👍👍

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz Good call! I know I have everyone following me on sign up as admin, but not sure vanilla mastodon allows more than one user. Will check. Thanks!

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz Ah, here we go!

@conor and @davey_cakes - you lads are the most active on here, so tag - you're it... or something. All the new users will be following you guys :)

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz @conor @davey_cakes oh and @denis! Davey's not active at all, but sure... have some followers!

@dregin @davidoclubb @Iblewin you can have over 20 that ice seen, just has to be local, can't have em follow remote user unfortunately

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