I'm so desperate for live sport that I'm watching the football. Boke.

@phelan The reboot looks to have fixed that issue with uploading images. Can you confirm?

Sorry for the hassle!

Saw some football manager game in the play store and immediately got pangs of nostalgia for Championship Manager and suddenly 15 year old me is trying to by Dietmar Hamann again. Dosbox on the phone running Championship Manager 97/98 ftfw!

A few crafties to encourage me to do some housework over the next couple of days. I get a beer if I do a couple hours of bits I've been putting off for weeks. Deal? Deal.

I guess this means my Facebook account has been deleted after the 30 days cool off period. Great success.

Taking beeswax sheets from Hannah's Bee-Wraps in Cork for their first spin with sausages. Very happy with them. Her only online presence seems to be FB, but you can drop her a mail to hannabackmo@yahoo.se if you want some.

Bread 41 on Dublin's Pearse Street. Cruffins are a fad I can get behind. Coconut and Blackcurrant was awesome!


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