Not a bad day out yesterday to see Ireland beat the All Blacks 😁

Hey @PINE64, my order has been "ready for shipment" from NL since a week ago. Any idea what's going on?


Went and translated into Irish, so I did.

Heavy use of google translate was involved, but I think I vetted it pretty well.

I've moved my dev box to a DEV1-XL. 4 virtual cores and 12GB of RAM - 29.99 a month. I know I'm probably comparing apples to oranges here, but the price increase is staggering.

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They're killing off the C2* range. is currently on a C2M instance. 17.99 a month. 16GB of RAM and 8 cores...

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The new gate is looking well!

Got a nice shot of it early morning when I couldn't get back to sleep after being paged over the weekend.

I'm so desperate for live sport that I'm watching the football. Boke.

@phelan The reboot looks to have fixed that issue with uploading images. Can you confirm?

Sorry for the hassle!

Saw some football manager game in the play store and immediately got pangs of nostalgia for Championship Manager and suddenly 15 year old me is trying to by Dietmar Hamann again. Dosbox on the phone running Championship Manager 97/98 ftfw!

A few crafties to encourage me to do some housework over the next couple of days. I get a beer if I do a couple hours of bits I've been putting off for weeks. Deal? Deal.

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