@colon_three I think most people in Ireland are too for all the friends and family we have in the UK. It's almost definitely going to lead to Irish unity, if you're looking for a bright side. Just get yizzer self an Irish passport. Be grand!

@Gargron BJ throwing the UK under his big red bus. Again. And again. And again.

@colon_three Jeeeeeeesus. Cock Sparrer aren't a band I expected to see quoted on here. Choon.

You know you're getting old when you exploit cheap sterling by buying 4 litres of mouthwash from amazon.co.uk.

94p for a euro? Hello Amazon.co.uk Cheers Boris!

Aha! was the EU's fault all along! The crazies are even crazier than I thought! They're also not crazy in the slightest. They're manipulative arseholes.


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@colon_three my cats were called Rosie & Jim after the show 🤣

Watch "Lankum at OTO London 29.5.2019 Encore" on YouTube

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@colon_three Their android app at least has Chromecast support.

Fierce fed up with the sticky mess this weather is making of me.

Watch "The Pogues live 18-Dec-1984 Labour Club, Newport, Wales - Full Concert" on YouTube

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