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Brutalist Web design improves the separation between presentation and content by removing the presentation.


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@colon_three Shite :( Unfortunately not uncommon in the older generations. My parents started going on about burqas last weekend. Had to cut them off straight away before I lost the head completely.

They also opposed the marriage referendum here in Ireland, even though they're very friendly with some gay people. Catholic Ireland is a cesspit that will hopefully have disappeared sooner rather than later.

@colon_three What the hell was in the Green Party broadcast that made him want to vote fascist??

Who needs a time machine when you can just turn on the immersion whose auto timer doesn't work to bring you right back to the 80's???

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This is a quick reminder that your are invited to #Funkwhale's first general assembly this sunday!


It's open to anyone, will takes place on a text chat, and we'll vote on several important topics as described in the forum topic.


Being templebar-adjacent for much of my adult life has led me to hate this song, but Lankum fucking nailed it youtube.com/watch?v=bKvzalEdyw

Listening to this in work, I miss an old mate who is a massive Greenday fan. Quality tunes.


I can't stand the way has gone, but my hands are actually sweating watching V .

Mad craic altogether.

@conor Blocked all reported instances. Not sure on the fetish stuff, tbh. It seems harmless. Pity the user in question didn't tag the content of the masked media.

@conor I believe I can block offending instances. Try reporting any offending posts and I'll see what the moderation tis allow for.

@conor Aye, did both. Cheers for the heads up.

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