Welcome @globoxian! Giz a shout if I can help with anything.

@mel not a bother! Let me know of you've any more questions about setting it up or whatever.

@mel I suppose I'm lucky in that I know a lot of the bands I'm posting personally.

I avoid posting anything that's either available to stream or to buy elsewhere.

I've had no problems so far and this has been up for more than a year. I don't have open registration and am the only person who uploads to the instance which makes it a lot easier to exercise damage control.

ombi/nzb360 > radarr/sonarr > jackett > deluge > plex

That is all. Jesus.

@jaz gimme a shout if you get stuck. Should have an ace stream for it.

Black Books started 21 years ago. Mother of fuck.

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz @conor @davey_cakes oh and @denis! Davey's not active at all, but sure... have some followers!

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz Ah, here we go!

@conor and @davey_cakes - you lads are the most active on here, so tag - you're it... or something. All the new users will be following you guys :)

@davidoclubb @Iblewin @jaz Good call! I know I have everyone following me on sign up as admin, but not sure vanilla mastodon allows more than one user. Will check. Thanks!

In case anyone was wondering just how much @amazon
are ripping off their customers, I put a rubbish table together comparing "benefits" that Irish and UK custiners get for the same price.


Is it time for another Aotearoa (yes, googled it) tournament? Quality of on show was unreal and actual crowds!

Pro14, Heineken Cup and probably the 6 Nations look like they're goong to either be cancelled or severely hampered, so a rugby fix of any sort would be much appreciated!

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