@colon_three Pleasantly surprised at that track. Dexter's vocals are pretty different to Greg Graffen's tbh.

#politics #ireland #hittakes 

That was supposed to be hot takes. Ah well.

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#politics #ireland #hittakes 

The north is fair fucked.

Backs are shit. I need a back transplant. Thank you.

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If you are a web UI designer that codes and are available to do some freelance work, please ping me.


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Happy St Patrick's Day to all our Irish friends! Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit! #StPatricksDay

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Welcome @globoxian! Giz a shout if I can help with anything.

@mel not a bother! Let me know of you've any more questions about setting it up or whatever.

@mel I suppose I'm lucky in that I know a lot of the bands I'm posting personally.

I avoid posting anything that's either available to stream or to buy elsewhere.

I've had no problems so far and this has been up for more than a year. I don't have open registration and am the only person who uploads to the instance which makes it a lot easier to exercise damage control.

ombi/nzb360 > radarr/sonarr > jackett > deluge > plex

That is all. Jesus.

@jaz gimme a shout if you get stuck. Should have an ace stream for it.

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