Cans of , a rake of and an open fire. Leaving the house is overrated!.

Saw some football manager game in the play store and immediately got pangs of nostalgia for Championship Manager and suddenly 15 year old me is trying to by Dietmar Hamann again. Dosbox on the phone running Championship Manager 97/98 ftfw!

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Sex worker raises $700k for the Australian Bush Fires by offering nudes against proof of donations, Instagram suspends her account.

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I think it's kinda weird that the president of the US gets to stay on Twitter after threatening war crimes and cyberbullying children because his tweets are "of public interest" but the president of Syria gets banned...

Not that I'm sympathetic, but it does seem hypocritical and highlights the issues with social media that's controlled by a single US company. Why do they get to enforce their own interests worldwide?

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446,359 accounts
+340 in the last hour
+9,655 in the last day
+15,728 in the last week

@colon_three Back at the parents and just found this stuck to my bedroom wall. Think it's from around 2000.

@colon_three Was gonna bitch about the lack of curated cover disc these past few years, but fuck... I might just do a weekly blog post with 10 new tracks myself. Hmmmmmmm.

@colon_three aye, I remember us discussing them before. I liked a track they had on either a metal hammer or kerrang cover disc around 2000.

@colon_three GLORIOUS. To be fair, Corey Taylor's voice is pretty fuckin amazing. I loved their self titled album. Haven't paid much attention since I was the one person picking up Iowa at midnight on release day in a record shop tent at Reading Festival and literally HUNDREDS of people had shown up to collect their copy of Toxicity. Utterly uncool.

Never thought I'd say this, but fair fucks Gary Neville. More of this type of thing.

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Going vegan for the good of humanity is all well and good, but don't think I could live without kerrygold butter.

No one dies harder than John McClane.


eugh, why did I even bother opening twitter. A lock of pints and a tory victory = a bad idea.

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A decentralised, standards-based version of Twitter that can pay better attention to community standards, local governance and non-invasive algorithms? Sounds awesome! And uncannily familiar... anyone know of a social network like this already happening? 😜 #beentheredonethat
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Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and d…

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