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😞I've genuinely lost the will to laugh at this anymore. Satire has become reality and ordinary folk are paying for it.

Imagine was actually gone for good. I'd miss the daily updates from old friends I've not seen in person in years, tbh

- SSL cert is for only. Fix yo shit for www.

- Add monitoring
- Auto restore backups on test instance to ensure their viability.

Taking beeswax sheets from Hannah's Bee-Wraps in Cork for their first spin with sausages. Very happy with them. Her only online presence seems to be FB, but you can drop her a mail to if you want some.

Ouch... Wanted to test an Irish flag icon as the Mascot and now don't seem to be able to remove it. Will look into nuking it tomorrow >_<

- Disabled password logins on the server.

Can't think of anything else.

@denis Fancy inviting some people on?

- Added daily backups
- Added daily syncing to remote storage

Bread 41 on Dublin's Pearse Street. Cruffins are a fad I can get behind. Coconut and Blackcurrant was awesome!

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- Harden server as per
- Configure backups
- Figure out where the backups will be stored and how they'll get there. Probably a pull from the destination.

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