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Brutalist Web design improves the separation between presentation and content by removing the presentation.


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Who needs a time machine when you can just turn on the immersion whose auto timer doesn't work to bring you right back to the 80's???

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This is a quick reminder that your are invited to #Funkwhale's first general assembly this sunday!

It's open to anyone, will takes place on a text chat, and we'll vote on several important topics as described in the forum topic.


Being templebar-adjacent for much of my adult life has led me to hate this song, but Lankum fucking nailed it

Listening to this in work, I miss an old mate who is a massive Greenday fan. Quality tunes.

I can't stand the way has gone, but my hands are actually sweating watching V .

Mad craic altogether.

Right. Backups of toot artefacts (/var/www/mastodon/public/) were still massive after disabling the relays. I'm going to skip them for now and only take nightly DB backups - mostly just user account and instance config.

Since they shouldn't impact on DB backup sizes, I'm going to re-enable the federation relays.

The cynic in me can't get beyond the thought that Met Eireann are holding off until 'later this morning' to declare a red weather warning after businesses bitched about employees having the audacity to prioritise personal safety over the company's profit margin in the past.

Further interruption was caused by backups filling storage on They've grown by about 300% since I added the relays.

As a temporary fix I've dropped backup retention to 2 days from 7. That should be more than enough, as I'm transferring them to remote storage nightly.

I missed this outtage as I was mostly offline over the last few days. Need to get monitoring in place sooner rather than later.

Ok, is now updated to version 2.8.0 -

I've also added a few Federation Relays.

They essentially share any public toots between all subscribed mastodon instances. They were released in 2.5 and more info on them is available here:

I'll be upgrading to 2.8.0 in the coming days.

Here's what you can look forward to:

Any time I came up to Dublin for a gig, I'd head down to Rhythm Records on the quays to pick up a bootleg of the previous night's gig. Loved them!

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They didn’t speak a word of English, and the barmaid was on roller skates but the Guinness was perfect.

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