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TCP: signed-for postal delivery
UDP: "THINK FAST, FUCKO *throws crate at front door*"

A few crafties to encourage me to do some housework over the next couple of days. I get a beer if I do a couple hours of bits I've been putting off for weeks. Deal? Deal.

Sick atm, so will hold off upgrading to mastodon 2.9.0.

Here's some reading on what to expect:

I guess this means my Facebook account has been deleted after the 30 days cool off period. Great success.

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Remember that Gab is a sinking ship and they're basically grabbing onto Mastodon like a parasite in a desperate attempt to get attention from the "drama" of doing so.

Torba has no self-awareness to see how pathetic it looks that his master race ass is incompetent at making a working website so he has to resort to using software made by a Jew instead.

App devs will block their domains, server admins will block their domains, and that'll be the end of that.

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Brutalist Web design improves the separation between presentation and content by removing the presentation.


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Who needs a time machine when you can just turn on the immersion whose auto timer doesn't work to bring you right back to the 80's???

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This is a quick reminder that your are invited to #Funkwhale's first general assembly this sunday!

It's open to anyone, will takes place on a text chat, and we'll vote on several important topics as described in the forum topic.


Being templebar-adjacent for much of my adult life has led me to hate this song, but Lankum fucking nailed it

Listening to this in work, I miss an old mate who is a massive Greenday fan. Quality tunes.

I can't stand the way has gone, but my hands are actually sweating watching V .

Mad craic altogether.

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