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Is there anything at ALL to be said for bringing back Thatcher??? Couldn't be much worse than the current shower of shits.

Christ, I remember people calling for Michael O'Leary to be allowed run Ireland. What does this ballox no about how effective quarantines are??

@phelan The reboot looks to have fixed that issue with uploading images. Can you confirm?

Sorry for the hassle!

Looks like we're running short on space on the root partition thanks to temp files, leading to problems with uploading images. The host hasn't been rebooted in a while, so hoping that'll fix it for now.

I'm going to use this opportunity to install system updates and bump the mastodon version to 3.1.4.

This will be happening over the next 30 minutes.

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@lxsameer What condenser mic do you use? I'm thinking of getting this for recording vocals at home.

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Anyone any good with programming drum tracks in Garage Band? I need a tutor!

Larkin's - Elements Double IPA 440ml Can 7.5% ABV - 

Put in a beer order from the local crafty shop who deliver for a fiver. Avoided brewdog because brewdog is not punx. Fuck Brewdog.

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I'm looking for open hardware/software ebook reader, any suggestion ?
#retweet please.

My band are hoping to record some demos during the quarantine by swapping tracks online and mixing them together. Are there any services dedicated to this??


Can't be arsed with the coronavirus chat on Twitter stressing me out right now. Gonna hang around here for a bit.

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