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Forgot how good this is.

Watch "Post Malone x Nirvana Tribute - Livestream" on YouTube

I've moved my dev box to a DEV1-XL. 4 virtual cores and 12GB of RAM - 29.99 a month. I know I'm probably comparing apples to oranges here, but the price increase is staggering.

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They're killing off the C2* range. is currently on a C2M instance. 17.99 a month. 16GB of RAM and 8 cores...

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Beginning to wonder if I might be better off financially to just go with a new Scaleway instance type (this whole migration faff is happening because they're removing the type that currently hosts instead of going to the hosted route with

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Here's the disk usage before I started, after running the first command and after running the second command:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/nbd1 137G 62G 68G 48% /mnt/mastodon_data
/dev/nbd1 137G 38G 93G 29% /mnt/mastodon_data
/dev/nbd1 137G 35G 96G 27% /mnt/mastodon_data

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I've added a couple of cronjobs to cleanup up more faff on
@daily cd /mnt/mastodon_data && find /mnt/mastodon_data/public/system/preview_cards -type f -atime +7 -delete
@daily cd /mnt/mastodon_data/public/system && find . -type d -empty -print0 | xargs -0 -n 1 rmdir

Here's a search engine that'll let you search the fediverse for toots/accounts that might interest you. DEFINITELY far better than us spamming the shit out of ourselves with relays.

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I do love the sound of a rain storm beating the house as I go to sleep.

The new gate is looking well!

Got a nice shot of it early morning when I couldn't get back to sleep after being paged over the weekend.

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All this could possibly do is split Biden's vote. Fuck away off.

These old Dalek toys actually had tiny record players inside them to make the Daleks talk. Unreal!

@mastohost @davey_cakes @conor You guys are the last to post on here - what do yiz think?

It'd take a lot of the overhead off my plate and I don't have as much time for side project as I did.

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@mastohost Hey, my hosting provider is killing off the server type I use to host my mastodon instance and I'm interested in migrating to

Is migration of a current instance to your service possible?


I'm so desperate for live sport that I'm watching the football. Boke.

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