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Wordle 353 3/6*


Wordle 348 4/6*


These are getting ridiculous!

Wordle 346 4/6*


#129 5/6 (100%)

Pretty proud of this one!

That was a toughie!

Wordle 345 6/6*


As soon as I saw this picture of in front of a screen saying "The future is private", I deleted my account. Balloxology.

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Hey folks working on #Fediverse projects like #Mastodon, #PixelFed, #WriteAs: I'm a writer who's spent 20 years writing blog posts, documentation, product copy, social media, and a little UX writing for a variety of orgs large and small.

Recent work involves the Bear notes app, previously: 1Password.

I can't contribute as a dev, but I can definitely help write, edit, or just polish your user-facing comms.

Can anyone help get this in front of relevant folks? Or point out how I can reach them?

Wordle 342 3/6*


Wordle 341 4/6*


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A couple of months ago I wrote a nonconfrontational email to a large art organisation flagging some issues with proprietary and commercial technologies that they use day-to-day. I suggested small changes, like using Jitsi sometimes, or migrating from Gmail.

One of their coordinators wrote back warmly and invited me to be part of forming a steering group. They said that they had identified this knowledge gap but didn't know how to address it, and were grateful for recommendations and insights.

Wordle 340 4/6*


Is it me or is this whole "the education system has been in place for hundreds of years and is no longer fit for purpose" thing being pushed by pseudo intellects who are also fans of alternative facts because they don't like qualified experts being right in the face of their balloxology?

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