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Wordle 368 3/6*


Great win for Leicester! Big balls Freddy Burns with the drop goal to win it in the 80th!

Fuck RIGHT off.

Wordle 364 X/6*


Wordle 353 3/6*


Wordle 348 4/6*


These are getting ridiculous!

Wordle 346 4/6*


#129 5/6 (100%)

Pretty proud of this one!

That was a toughie!

Wordle 345 6/6*


As soon as I saw this picture of in front of a screen saying "The future is private", I deleted my account. Balloxology.

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Hey folks working on #Fediverse projects like #Mastodon, #PixelFed, #WriteAs: I'm a writer who's spent 20 years writing blog posts, documentation, product copy, social media, and a little UX writing for a variety of orgs large and small.

Recent work involves the Bear notes app, previously: 1Password.

I can't contribute as a dev, but I can definitely help write, edit, or just polish your user-facing comms.

Can anyone help get this in front of relevant folks? Or point out how I can reach them?

Wordle 342 3/6*


Wordle 341 4/6*


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A couple of months ago I wrote a nonconfrontational email to a large art organisation flagging some issues with proprietary and commercial technologies that they use day-to-day. I suggested small changes, like using Jitsi sometimes, or migrating from Gmail.

One of their coordinators wrote back warmly and invited me to be part of forming a steering group. They said that they had identified this knowledge gap but didn't know how to address it, and were grateful for recommendations and insights.

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