🧵It's sad that completely ignores the <screams into the void> that they've broken their Home ecosystem. If you have more than 3 Home devices, you will undoubtedly run into this issue - but at that point the consumer has already purchased the hardware. 1/6

"So long, sucker, have fun screaming into the void that is our support forums, as there is no real support for this issue." If a technical magazine/reviewer could actually test a Home setup with more than 3 devices for an extended period 2/6

(1.5-2 months), they would absolutely be able to give a true review. That true review would find that the ecosystem completely breaks itself in that timeframe. What used to work without issue after initial setup, slowly degrades into chaos as the devices become less and less 3/6

aware that they are part of a network. The devices start answering independently and multiple at a time, it's complete mayhem and unusable. Users have basically resorted to turning off the microphones on the devices so that only one can "hear". This "knee-caps" the usability 4/6

of the network completely, as the other devices just become 'speakers' at that point. must be aware of this problem by now, but has done nothing to rectify it. Instead, the solution is to 'reset' every device that you have every time you have the issue. 5/6

That is not an acceptable solution. Pleaese do NOT purchase Home devices. I wish I hadn't! 6/6

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