In the course of working with Immigration here in Ireland, there is a "points" system in which you're required to have a certain number of "points" in order to "verify" that you've lived in Ireland for n number of years (for me, let's say it's 5).

Now, coming from another country, I was a bit shocked at the poor service that the banking industry provides here in Ireland, but seemed to be the best of the worst, so that's who we chose when we moved here.

I require 5 years of bank statements, I thought to myself: "Self! this is no problem, we don't live in the 70's, when everything required paper! I've been signed up with using eStatements since we opened our accounts!".

Oh, but sorely, I am mistaken. Permanent TSB still does, indeed, live in the 70's. Any statement older than 2 years requires that PRINT THEM OUT. Yes, you read that correctly. They are REQUIRED to PRINT ON PAPER the statements.

Not only that, they have a FEE in order for the customer to retrieve their own eStatements in PAPER form. That fee is €2.50 per PAGE.

Yup. So I did the calculation and I will need to fork over ~ €175 for my partner and myself ... and then MULTIPLY for both children. That's about €525 for, most likely, a couple of TREES worth of paper, that I will then be required to SCAN and THROW AWAY.

So, TLDR; TSB requires it's customers to kill trees to the tune of €525 which are then thrown into the rubbish bin all for data that is MOST DEFINITELY already online and would cost pennies to email to me or make available via their web portal.

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