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Sincere question: when talking about โ€œthe LGBTQ+ communityโ€ in spoken conversation, is there an acceptable alternative term just for flow purposes? I tend to use โ€œqueerโ€ as shorthand which Iโ€™ve heard others use gracefully but wondering if thereโ€™s another term.

I thought about just saying โ€œeveryone in the rainbowโ€ but I dunno if thatโ€™s common but it sounds kinda nice?

Boosts appreciated I want do check myself in this cuz itโ€™s important and Iโ€™m curious what folks do

I've been bored this afternoon, so I spent a little time digging through Netflix's annual reports to see if I can find an explanation for why a drop in subscribership cratered their stock.

Wanna see what I found? Too bad, you're gonna. (thread ๐Ÿงต)

Here is the MSNBC graphic from a post describing both Joe Rogan and Glenn Greenwald as right wing extremists despite the fact that they are both liberals. What liars!! How do MSNBC executives live with themselves?

Ok... I wasn't sure if I would enjoy ... But ... The entire family is hooked! Great story, great acting, great production ... Well done!

Once again I am hiding beer cans inside a welding machine in my office so my SO doesn't think I was up all night maintaining the Ballmer peak while rewriting Doom in #rustlang

This dude on Reddit has been running the same Debian installation, dist-upgrading it to new releases over time, for 21 years. Hats off to them

@jcolson @osslate

Tusky has more features, the official app is simpler and aimed at new users.

what's your favorite minimalist/human-scale alternative to ansible, salt, puppet, etc.?

basically i want to blow away and rebuild my cloud box with a script, and cloud-init alone is inadequate and janky

glanced at:

or maybe i can solve this with a #guix system description thingy? (can i get my openstack host to spin me up a guix box?)

So what are the broken bits made of and what can I replace them with?

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Ok ... I've tried to use . I really want it to work for me. Unfortunately my searches are mostly software development related and the results from the ๐Ÿฆ†, well, just suck compared to Google ... So I always end up going back to Google within a week.

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