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Boosts appreciated. For people interested in #FOSS and #linux, what communication platform do you like most? 's was fantastic. You knew he wouldn't cowtail to any faction, good for him. His show is really good as well... Speaking as someone with cancer. Some definite tear jerking moments.

Look .. I'm a firearm toting, hunting, redneck, American. Always have been, always will be. I'm still for making things more secure and safe. It seems that a cooling off period as well as MANDATORY gun safety training, with safety experts AND psychologists, over the course of a year, could at the very least ferret out most bad actors. There is no reason that someone should need to purchase a firearm in an hour. Convince me otherwise.

It's a ☀️ (well, partly!), warm, wonderful Dublin day! Enjoy the outdoors!! Leia really is happy, I promise!

More US political BS.. 

Ugh... Rant

It's amazing to me that no president has ever even tried to ratify Rid vs Wade ... With all the majorities and super majorities and promises, there is always something shinier to line their pockets with once they get elected, eh?

Why is Johnny Depp's trial all over the news, but Gislane Maxwell's there was nary a peep, and absolutely no scathing follow up from any news outlets?

TIL upper/lower top of/bottom of!

"Upper and lower are determined by closeness to the river. Lower is closest to the water. If a road is parallel to the river lower points to the bay. The canals don’t really count, just the Liffey."

We've been here 5 years, and never did figure that out ... finally had to google ...

May the 4th Be With You! I know, I know we're running a day behind ... we'll do the Sombrero for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow! ;-)

Seems like some others are sharing Will Smith's approach to "comedic justice".

NBC Southern California: Comedian Dave Chappelle Tackled Onstage During LA Festival Show.

Could anyone confirm that the default behavior of a Mastodon instance is to strip EXIF data from photos? And maybe where there is official documentation on this behavior?

It would certainly feel safer for this to be confirmed on screen at the time of the upload.

#metadata #exifdata #mastodon #photos

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