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All the files in /etc/X11 are technically The X-Files.


Ireland is now officially the most expensive country in the EU.

Prices here are 40% above the EU average. Rip-off Republic alive and well under FF, FG & Greens.

We need a cost of living revolt like we saw with the water charges uprising.


Music is amazing, what a wonderful gift having artists in this world, sharing their amazing talents. I've always argued that coding was truly an art as well, as solutions to software engineering problems can be arrived at from so many different paths.

I bet a could write a bot that responded in the same way ... Garbage in garbage out I always say.


"We want to raise efficiency."

"Great, here are the things we can do to reduce process and overhead and get work into production sooner."

"No, we were really looking for ways to do the same things as always, just faster and for more hours per week."



I practice 'disagree and commit'.

I disagree with the failing tests and commit the code anyway.



BREAKING: Napa County District Attorney Allison Haley has bowed to intense public pressure and REVERSED her decision not to charge Paul Pelosi

Pelosi will be ARRAIGNED on Aug 3 at 8:30 am, Napa County Superior Court 825 Brown Street

Thanks to for this!


how is not been fired from the yet?? holy smoke!

What happened here Mr President? ? Hold Saudi accountable NOW.

nope, instead, let's sell them more weapons

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