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Mission accomplished .Your ego had been unequivocally stroked prior to your retirement.
"...the speaker's long commitment to democracy and human rights and bestowed on her Taiwan's highest civilian honor, the "Order of Propitious Clouds with Special Grand Cordon.""

If you are not using instead of Whatsapp, iChat, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Line, Instagram or Snapchat ... Why not? Rip off that bandaid and download Signal from your app store! And make it your default SMS app as well!

Just another reason to distrust the bullshit "journalism" from the

RT ______, ______ your 👖 are on 🔥


I've always loved the Dublin City Motto ...

"Obedientia civium urbis felicitas" – "The obedience of the citizens produces a happy city"

Ok, the new series on Netflix is surprisingly good! I'm a sucker for a good video game movie/series though.


My /Wallet now looks like it did back in 2015!

Great work! The last 7 years you've paddled in circles while 🍎 just trounced you with

Your chat apps are a fekin' mess still, as well.

So many developers would kill to have the 💰 you throw away.

. ... Are you guys trying your hardest to drive people to use other applications such as and

"A technology fee of €1 will apply to all taxi trips booked and successfully completed via the FREE NOW app."

What? Believed, rightly believed, certainly believed, settled, huh? Wtf... How is this possibly our of the USA? Makes me wanna cry. Jaaaysus

I've been "spike vaxed" whatever that means! Fourth shot in the arm to help deter the nasty little bugger! All previous shots had been Pfizer, this one is a Moderna.

Peace and Love to you all!

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