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Circa 119 Spring 2007
Gemma Tipton on all the new arts spaces. "So are we likely to see a similar disaster here?"
Treasa O'Brien on Niamh Lawlor + others' seminar on mis-information

Circa 119 Spring 2007
Declan Long on Patrick Hall; "…Hall is haunted by spirits of 'unfinished' lives…"
Julie Bacon on archiving; "…what glitters is the poetic-political value…"

Circa 117 Autumn 2006
Brian Kennedy on the continuing upset over the closure of the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; he talks to key players
"…there is a danger this one could run forever."

Praxis: The Artists’ Union of Ireland are celebrating a policy success, as several changes put forward by our members to the Basic Income for the Arts scheme were implemented by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and the Gaeltacht.
We welcome this effort to recognise our labour and hope that this scheme will be a first step towards a permanent policy that will lift artists out of poverty and precarity.

Circa 116 Summer 2006
Slavka Sverakova on closure of Ormeau Baths Gallery, + ACNI reply
"…ACNI spectacularly failed to respect the integrity of this arts organisation and successfully established a homeless status for art that takes risks."

Circa 116 Summer 2006
Prof James Elkins' envoi on leaving Art History at UCC
"I find the ongoing emphasis on all things English to be mainly an unfortunate leftover of colonial times – almost a kind of nostalgia."

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Hi Mastodon, just created an account and not sure how to proceed. So maybe a few words about me might do for a start: I write on art, I do collaborative art projects, I occasionally curate exhibitions, give talks in art colleges and other such like, I edit writings on art for CIRCA Art Magazine. I'm a member of Praxis the Artists' Union of Ireland and like to meddle with arts policies. I live in the west of Ireland. Voila.

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