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Hi, I'm Fionn! 👋 I work on fun tech projects, create electronic music garbage, and capture the odd photograph with my DSLR.

Professionally, I work as a technical writer — and beyond my 9 to 5 — enjoy contributing upstream to open source projects with code and docs.

I'll be posting bits on the above topics here, as well as personal stuff. Giz a follow ❤️

the essential problem of teaching:
learning is like building a pyramid. The person who already knows a skill sits atop a pyramid. the new learner stands on the ground intimidated by the height of the pyramid.

the naive teacher says “no sweat, it’s easy! i’ll tell you how to build your own” looks down and describes the top stone.

the learner confused doesn’t know where a pointy stone is gonna go in a foundation. the teacher, lookong down can’t see her foundation stones at all.

My new apartment is beside some roadworks (finishing soon thankfully). I'm very very impressed by RNNoise/EasyEffects's performance on calls.

Deposit paid! I'm so much less stressed. I wish nobody had to go through this, but alas, we're stuck here with FFG/GP.

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Oh, I got an apartment! Packing stuff into boxes is surprisingly satisfying.

A second offer! Why does every landlord want me all of a sudden?

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Went to view an apartment yesterday, unfortunately it went to someone else, but… viewing offered at 5pm for a different apartment in the same block. Letting agent said if I'm happy, they'll get the paperwork to me early next week.

In other words, I HAVE AN OFFER!

🤞 it's nice, but we're in a housing crisis so I'll accept almost anything at this point

What blows my mind about Mastodon is not so much its design or tech.

It's that people there read content that interests them and click links. I'm so used to the complete passivity, even apathy, of Twitter users, that what people do on Mastodon never ceases to amaze me.

#mastodon #fediverse

I strongly associate certain songs/albums with the place I was in at the time (both geographically and mentally).

For example, I associate Donuts (J Dilla) with the time I spent working in Dublin. Reminds me of summer, sun, and Workman's (for better of worse).

This album by Danish duo Bremer/McCoy reminds me of the run up to Cork Jazz.

I'm interested: what music do YOU strongly associate with a place in your life, and why?

Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

PSA: Interrail tickets are 50% off for the next few hours. Seriously great deal, especially if you're <27.

I have little interest in following British politics, yet I'm here anticipating the queen's speech. There's not much else exciting on while I continue recovering from post-lurgy symptoms.

What're you all up to?

I've been using DuckDuckGo the past few months and honestly? I rarely ever revert back to Google. And even then, I revert because my brain hasn't ungoogled itself in terms of how I phrase queries. It's pretty solid.

80% recovered from whatever cold/flu this was, finally don't look like Rudolph.

What are your plans for the day, everyone? :)

Just dawned on me that I'm not as far as I'd like to be in learning Spanish. In all likelihood, I won't need a *whole* lot, but I'm heading to Barcelona next month for Sónar.

Linux audio / MIDI 

The application is built in Rust using gtk4-rs, libadwaita-rs, and udev-rs.

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Linux audio / MIDI 

Working on a GNOME application that allows you to create MIDI input devices within PipeWire out of arbitrary evdev/udev inputs.

The end goal? Create MIDI controllers out of any random input device. That could be a gamepad, a keyboard, a mouse... or any fancy exotic input mechanism.

I want to control Bitwig devices using cheap gamepads for an art project I'm working on, so here we are!


Blegh. Have a horrible cold/flu on me, had to cancel an apartment viewing today. Now I'm stressed about sickness *and* missing out on — potentially — my future home.

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