Hi, I'm Fionn! 👋 I work on fun tech projects, create electronic music garbage, and capture the odd photograph with my DSLR.

Professionally, I work as a technical writer — and beyond my 9 to 5 — enjoy contributing upstream to open source projects with code and docs.

I'll be posting bits on the above topics here, as well as personal stuff. Giz a follow ❤️

@osslate!! go h-iontach! An bhfuil gaelgeoiri ann? (Nil aon fada ar mo mhearclarr, agus ta mo chuid gaeilge go-hannis tar eis 15 bhlian thar learr, bron orm!)

@hughrawlinson tá mo Ghaeilge briste! Though I am on a (postponed for now) quest to relearn. There's a lot of people on who are either learning or fluent though.

@luka soon™️ (I haven't had the confidence to share anything publicly yet)

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