Linux audio / MIDI 

Working on a GNOME application that allows you to create MIDI input devices within PipeWire out of arbitrary evdev/udev inputs.

The end goal? Create MIDI controllers out of any random input device. That could be a gamepad, a keyboard, a mouse... or any fancy exotic input mechanism.

I want to control Bitwig devices using cheap gamepads for an art project I'm working on, so here we are!

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Linux audio / MIDI 

The application is built in Rust using gtk4-rs, libadwaita-rs, and udev-rs.

Linux audio / MIDI 

@osslate You might want to give gudev-rs a try, could probably simplify the udev-rs code a bit

Linux audio / MIDI 

@bilelmoussaoui Oh this is nice, thanks for the pointer!

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