I strongly associate certain songs/albums with the place I was in at the time (both geographically and mentally).

For example, I associate Donuts (J Dilla) with the time I spent working in Dublin. Reminds me of summer, sun, and Workman's (for better of worse).

This album by Danish duo Bremer/McCoy reminds me of the run up to Cork Jazz.

I'm interested: what music do YOU strongly associate with a place in your life, and why?

@osslate I was driving around Iceland with my partner. There's a part of the "1" (the road that circles the entire country) where you come over a very steep rise. We hit this point and then the drop was so sudden. And the views we met when were majestic, a volcanic landscape sketching in all directions bathed in mist, with waterfalls on both sides.

The very epic "A Drowning" by How To Destroy Angels was playing on my CD player. I still see that view every time I listen to that track

@osslate 1000 miles by Vanessa Carlton was all over the radio the Summer I played FFIX to death. Golden Age of Radio by Josh Ritter and Love Travels at Illegal Speeds by Graham Coxon were the albums of the Summer I lived and worked in Offaly.
Too many songs to reference here that remind me of ladies that I had relationships with.
They all take me right back to my younger days.

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