Officially a Computer Science & Language Student ! (French) can't wait to get a start

I'm happy with my results, far exceeded the requirements for my course so I should do absolutely fine

With just over 4 hours left until leaving r wilts, I'm probably one of tens of thousands lying awake in excitement/dread of 9am

Pandemic Consequences 

As schools shut on March 12th, the class of 2020, myself included, missed out on their ability to truly "finish" school, It is weird to see students heading to my old school, without me as it still feels like I'm mid-6th year rather than waiting to find out what university I'll be going to, in just 6 days. Absolute craziness.

I'm loving the new EP by released today. One of my all time favourite bands

This one riffs off their CS Lewis based EP perfectly

For those do not know, or are unfamiliar with the Irish Education system, this day week marks the day when Irish Students will find out where they are going to college, myself included. We receive the results to our calculated grades on monday, as I am one of those people. I am not particularly nervous about monday, but regardless I'll feel more at ease once next week is over

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