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The mounting and credible allegations of rape and sexual violence used during the Russian invasion of Ukraine are extremely alarming.

We announce €1.5 million for a dedicated project to support sexual and gender-based violence survivors in Ukraine.


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"l'abbaiare della NATO alla porta della Russia" - the old man lost the plot completely.

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The rubbish when all the way up to 2009, not sure what sparked people to stop dumping stuff at the end of this garden around the year of the big crash!

Crazy to think that no one has cleaned up this pile of rubbish in the garden in over 25 years.

I believe this really highlights renting culture in Ireland where:
- Landlord does the absolute minimum.
- Renter doesn't feel at home & feels it's temporary so doesn't tend to the property.

Sad to see, but satisfying to tidy it up!

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The Regional Youth Library in Chernihiv used to be full of enthusiastic readers.

On 11 March, Russian bombs reduced the historic building to rubble.

Now that it has been freed from occupation, Chernihiv is developing a reconstruction strategy.

#ARTvsWAR #StandWithUkraine

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Historically, every exodus to Mastodon has been short lived with little staying power. Just like google services, it's much more convenient to have a feed spoon fed to you than to actually work at it for a better more relevant feed. We humans are a fickle bunch.

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OK, we've got some traditions here that may be very useful to all of our new arrivals. They are:

#followfriday where you recommend some of your favorite follows and why,

#caturday where you toot pictures of your cat on Saturday


#screenshotsunday where you toot a screen snapshot from your computer or phone. It can be anything but it is normally your desktop with a neofetch.

Let's have a good showing this weekend to help our new friends out.

Please boost.

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