Federated microblogging, but based on CouchDB. Hmmm

TIL that Flutter can be used โ€” not only for iOS, Android, and Fuchsia dev โ€” but also desktop app development. That's fairly class.

As part of a broader challenge to get away from using proprietary software and services, I've decided Mastodon was a worthwhile move from Twitter.

Also in the process of building LineageOS 17.1 images for my OnePlus 7T and Samsung Tab S5e bundled with microG.

Hey Mastodon! I'm a CompSci student at University College, Cork. I do a lot of JavaScript-related stuff in my spare time (and for work).

If I'm not talking about programming, I'll likely be talking about Irish politics, synthesizers/electronic music, and veganism.

I'm a member of the Green Party in Ireland, pushing for our country to deal with the problems we've faced โ€” due to successive governments โ€” through the lens of the climate crisis.


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